Jazz Call Packages Monthly 55 Rupees 2022

Musical Jazz is currently giving a new Jazz Call Packages Monthly 55 Rupees per month that includes 1000 Jazz Minutes and 1GB of Facebook storage for the next 30 days for a total of 55 Rupees. This package costs 55 Rupees per month.

Yes! In terms of monthly calls and social networking packages, this is the most economical monthly call and social networking plan that Mobilink has introduced for its prepaid customers.

To take advantage of Jazz to Jazz Calls for the entire month, you can purchase the Jazz to Jazz Calls package, which is currently available for purchase online.

Taken into account, this package is the most economical they have ever offered at the lowest price when all of the network’s bundle expenses are taken into consideration.

Currently, it is not anticipated that any changes will be made to the incentives associated with this package in the foreseeable future. In order to discover information about the popular keyword “Jazz Monthly Call Package,” or the phrase “Jazz Monthly Call Package 55 Rupees,

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In this case, it is crucial to observe that both of these keywords are identical, which indicates that there is a single package that contains all of the products displayed on this page.

Jazz Call Packages Monthly 55 Rupees 2022

Jazz Call Packages Monthly 55 Rupees on your prepaid SIM card will be accomplished through the use of code 1 “subscribe,” which can be found by dialing *699*4# and entering it after you have entered code 1 “subscribe.”

Keep in mind that this plan requires a 55 rupee load and offers you 1000 on-network minutes in addition to 1000 MBs of Facebook storage space on top of your existing account, on top of your existing account, in addition to your existing account.  Check out Jazz Internet Packages 2022 Codes, as well!


Jazz Call Packages Monthly 55 Rupees 2022

1000 FB MBs

As a result, you’ll acquire 1000 MBs of social media storage space, which will only be available for use on the Facebook social networking website, itself.

Yes! Individuals interested in social media can spend 55 rupees to have a jazz 1000 minutes 1GB facebook package code activated on their phone number for the entire month, allowing them to utilize the service on their phone number throughout the month.

The fact that this bundle incorporates two incentives in a single package is a one-of-a-kind feature that has never been seen before in this industry.

Jazz monthly package call Details


  • Jazz Call Packages Monthly 55 Rupees
  • Only 55 Rupees
  • 1000 ON Net min
  • 1000 Facebook MBs
  • Validity:1 month
  • Subscribe Code *699*4#
  • *699*4*1# jazz offers details

33 minutes per day:

In accordance with corporate representatives, this plan comprises 33 minutes of listening time every day to jazz monthly call package code 70 rupees, which includes a variety of artists from one another.

Take advantage of these minutes while they are still accessible because they will be worth 1000 points per minute for the following 30 days. As a result of the great demand for the 55 rupee jazz bundle, it is frequently referred to as the monthly 1000-minute monthly 1000 minutes package in 55 rupees code bundle in certain quarters. Also, Check Jazz Internet Packages 2022 Offer Code.

Terms & Conditions Jazz Monthly Packages:

  • There are call setup fees that must be paid.
  • 1000MB is only available for use on Facebook.
  • Customers will be given 33 minutes per day to make a phone call.
  • This package is only available to customers who have paid in advance.
  • Jazz reserves the right to cancel and change the package at any time without prior notice.
  • Internet speed is dependent on several factors, including location, device, and network signals.

Jazz Monthly Packages (FAQs)

How can I make the Jazz call package?

Because of the introduction of our industry-first innovation, the jazz monthly package call, customers now have the choice and convenience to design their own bundles. As an alternative to contacting *303# and picking their chosen validity and incentives from a list of available alternatives, clients can now design their own unique bundles by dialing *303# instead.

What is the code of the Jazz monthly call package?

Call your friends and family while also receiving 10,000 On-Net Minutes, 10,000 SMS, and 1000 MB for only Rs 390; to subscribe to this deal, dial *430#; to check the status of your bundle, dial *430*2#; to cancel your subscription, dial *430#; to check the status of your bundle, dial *430#;

How can I check my Jazz call package?

Press “5” on the 111 helplines to get assistance. To get support, contact the 777 helplines and hit the “3” option.

What is the code of the Jazz 2 hours call package?

Included in this time frame are all public and religious holidays (except from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.) *3000# is the subscription string’s database representation.

Enter the code *320*4# to stop a subscription. Unsubscribing is as simple as typing *320*4#. String: *320*4# is a way to unsubscribe String of numbers *320*2# in the computer’s memory represents the status string.

Is Jazz to Jazz free?

Information about Subscription Status Codes and Pricing can be found on this page… Offer for Jazz Hourly Package in Punjab: The jazz monthly call package in 100 rupees a total of 100 free on-net minutes from the jazz company of your choice, as well as 100 free SMS from the jazz monthly call deal in 100 rupees company of your choice, as part of the package.

Check code all Jazz free minutes

Jazz Daily Packages Details,

  1. Daily super *212*2#
  2. Daily day bundle *340*2#
  3. Daily Punjab Offer *6000*2#

Jazz Weekly Packages Details,

  • Weekly Super Duper *770*2#
  • Weekly Anniversary *505*2#
  • Weekly All network *700*2#
  • Weekly hybrid *407*2#
  • Weekly make your own bundle *303*7#
  • Haftawaar all rounder offer *707*2#
  • Apna shehr Haftawar offer

Jazz Monthly Packages Details,

  • Monthly Super duper *706*2#
  • Monthly Super duper plus *707*2#
  • Monthly hybrid bundle *430*2#
  • Monthly make your own offer *303*30#

Jazz  Apna Shehar Offer,

  1. Mandi Bahauddin offer *565*2#
  2. Sargodha weekly offer *627*2#
  3. DG Khan’s monthly offer *705*2#
  4. KPK offer *522*2#
  5. Sindh daily offer *522*2#
  6. Chiniot weekly hybrid offer *664*2#
  7. Sindh Raabta offer *766*2#

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