Jazz Free Facebook Code 2022

If all you want is a Jazz Free Facebook Code, then look no further than the following list. Yes, you can use Facebook for free on Jazz 4G for as long as you like. You can attempt this if you haven’t already utilized the free Facebook code. Jazz’s free Facebook and WhatsApp codes for 2022 are working. Simply call the number listed below. Even if this code does not function on your Jazz SIM, there is another approach you can use instead. Last week, this code worked flawlessly, however since being widespread in Pakistan, it has stopped working.

This code has a lot of data usage, hence Jazz has chosen to stop it. Even so, you can still get unlimited free internet with the use of a virtual private network (VPN). Yes, you may use Facebook and the entire Internet for free on Jazz 4G using a VPN connection.

Jazz Free Facebook Code 2022

The Jazz Free Facebook Code and other social media websites are made available to you as part of this unique student deal. This code is still functional on some smartphones and SIM cards; however, you must test it on your phone at least once each day. After you have dialed this code, you will be able to access free Facebook through Student Offer. Following the use of this code, you will be able to use unlimited data on WhatsApp and Facebook for the following 24 hours. After the deal has expired, you will be able to dial this code once more.

Students offer Jazz free Facebook code

  • MBs: 5000
  • Data: Facebook
  • Validity: Daily
  • *114*6#  jazz offer

Click the “Student Offer Code” and see the hidden Jazz free Facebook package. You can simply dial the code on your dial-pad. In case of any issue please comment below this article. If this code is not working on your SIM then try another code given below. Also, Check Jazz Youtube Packages Daily Weekly & Monthly Codes.

Jazz Free Facebook Code 2022

Jazz Free 5GB for 7 Days

You must follow the procedures before dialing this code if you are using a different device. In order to obtain 7 days of free Jazz SIM 5GB 4G, follow the steps outlined below. If you follow my instructions, you should be able to get 50 GB of free internet on your Jazz for seven days.

Steps to get 5GB free!

  • Insert 4G SIM in any keypad mobile.
  • Use it for 5-20 minutes.
  • Now insert that SIM in your 4G phone.
  • Turn on Data, and wait for SMS.

If you receive an SMS within 10-30 seconds, you will be eligible for a free 5GB credit; otherwise, dial the code *676*2# on your SIM card. Also, check to see whether you are currently subscribed to any bundles or have any remaining balance on your SIM card. Your SIM account balance as well as your available MBs must be ZERO.

Terms & Соnditiоns:

  • This mоd оf Fасebооk аllоws yоu tо flexibly mоve between twо mоdes – free mоde аnd dаtа mоde.
  • The free mоde mаy be а lightweight versiоn оf Fасebооk where yоu’ll роst, соmment, like, shаre аnd сhаt fоr free оf сhаrge.
  • Tо view рhоtоs оr videоs, turn tо Dаtа Mоde (regulаr Fасebооk) by сliсking the ‘View Рhоtоs’ buttоn. Yоu will be сhаrged fоr dаtа during this mоde аs рer yоur bundle рlаn.
  • Gо bасk tо free mоde аny time by сliсking the “Gо tо Free” buttоn оn the highest оf yоur timeline.
  • Jаzz subsсribers аlsо аre is eligible tо use Fасebооk fоr free оf сhаrge fоr 30 dаys if they’re new Fасebооk users.


Yes, you are correct. Our consumers can now make use of a free version of Facebook that does not require them to provide any personal information. Save your megabytes while remaining connected!

Jazz customers may now switch between the Free and Data versions of Facebook with a single tap if they have the Jazz app installed. Simply click on the toggle at the top of your Facebook feed to turn off notifications. More information about how to use Facebook for free can be found in the material provided below.

Jazz Free Facebook Code( FAQ )

How is Free Facebook by Jazz different from regular Facebook?

Using this version of Facebook, you can choose between two modes – free and data model – at any point in the future. All of these features are available for free in the free mode of Facebook. You are also able to chat with other users.

The ‘View Photographs’ button will take you to the regular Facebook in Data Mode, where you can see all of your photos and videos. In this mode, you will be paid according to your data plan. At any moment, you can return to “free mode” by selecting the “Go to Free” button on your timeline’s top bar.

What if I started using Free Facebook by Jazz but now I don’t want to use it anymore?

Jazz’s free Facebook package code  is simple: when you’re in data mode, click on the question mark next to the phrase “You’re in Data Mode.” In addition, you can opt-out by going to your Facebook bookmarks (if you’re using the Facebook Android app) or the Facebook menu (if you’re using facebook.com).

How do I change the language for Free Basics?

At the bottom of the list of websites, click ‘About Free Basics’ to change the language if you’re located in a nation where Free Basics is available in more than one language

It’s possible to select a language for the Free Basics app if you live in a country where the service is provided in more than one language. Then select “Change Language.”


The app technique is the greatest option if you don’t want to see any photos and just want to browse Facebook. Just turn on your data connection and you’ll be able to use Facebook right away. When it comes to video and photo content, you can use the Jazz Facebook code approach and get unlimited bandwidth every day.

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