Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 2022

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 2022

What  Jazz Super Ghanta Offer in terms of jazz is stale. Despite this, the offer was already on the table for merely 6 rupees. Now, if the price of the bundle is up, it is because the corporation increased it. The jazz ghanta offer *358# bid can now be purchased for nine rupees.

Not only has the company established a data limit, but it has also done this. Regarding the previous point, the kit comes with limitless internet data for the first hour. After subscribing to this offer, Jazz customers will only have access to 1 GB of data for a period of one hour.

  • Tax included in the price of Rs. 10.5 (Rs. 12/hr 6PM-10PM)
  • Using 1 GB of Internet Data for 1 hour
  • *638# is the number to dial to subscribe
  • Dial *638*2# to Check Your Status.
  • For further information, call *638*3#.
  • You can unsubscribe by dialing *638*4#.

Jazz 1 Hour Internet Package Code 2022

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

There is no better deal in Pakistan than the Jazz Super Ghanta package. Customers can experience a high-speed internet connection for just one hour with the help of the service.

This incredible offer is open to everyone at any time, day or night. Customers will be charged extra if they use the internet connection for more than an hour.

A one-hour deal is the greatest option for folks who need the internet quickly yet have a limited budget. In order to download files, watch videos, and listen to music you will get 1 GB of storage space. Also, Check The Jazz Mb Check Code 2022.


Simply subscribe to the Jazz Super Ghanta Offer for just Rs. 6 (including tax), and you will receive unlimited data for one hour. You will also be able to fully enjoy the internet for the full hour.

There will only be available for this Jazz Super Ghanta Offer for the next hour. After you subscribe, you will be able to access unlimited data (for one hour) for the low price of Rs. 6 (including tax), and from 6 PM to 10 PM, you will be charged Rs. 12 per hour (Including Tax). If you take advantage of this Jazz Super Ghanta deal, you will be given access to a substantial amount of data for the low price of RS.6/= (this price includes taxes) or RS.12/Hr. from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM (including taxes).

They have risen to the top of the industry by providing the people of Pakistan with comprehensive communication solutions and digital services that provide value. Jazz was the first company to offer an SMS service, and it is now taking things to the next level by providing a lightning-fast internet connection.

How To Jazz One-Hour Internet Package?

Check out the official website for the most up-to-date information on current specials, as they can change frequently.

You can use the Jazz World app to redeem the deal because it is simple to set up and allows you to subscribe with just a single tap. To avoid further fees, you will be able to monitor the remaining sources in real-time.

If you don’t have the Word app, you’ll need a subscription code to take advantage of Jazz’s one-hour deal. You can activate it by inputting the code into your phone each day for a week. You can, however, take these instructions if you’re unsure:

  • jot down the number *638# in your phone’s journal.
  • You can now choose the “Super Ghanta” deal from the menu.
  • To subscribe, press the “1” call button and pick “1.
  • A subscription notice will appear on your SIM card after the deal has been activated.

Enjoy 4G Internet Speed

Jazz Super Ghanta recognizes the value that you place on your time and is aware of the signs that your internet access holds for you. You will have access to 1 GB of 4G internet speed with Jazz.

You get full 4G speed with the internet bundles that come with 1 GB and 1 hour. Full-speed web browsing, file downloading and uploading, video chatting, and other online activities are all within your reach.

Terms & Conditions

  • One hour’s worth of internet data can be accessed at any given time.
  • The maximum data rate is 2 megabits per second.
  • There is no set end date for the offer.
  • The company reserves the right to alter the offer at any time.
  • Offer available only while supplies last.
  • Customers will receive PKR 12 (including tax) for each hour that they subscribe between the hours of 6 and 10 p.m.
  • The transaction is not going to go through, and in order to resubscribe to the bid, the customer needs to dial *638#.
  • The speed of today’s internet is determined by a wide variety of elements, including the SIM card, the computer, the websites that are visited, the time of day, the number of people using the internet, the distance from the 2G/3G/4G platform, and so on.
  • The customer is responsible for paying the base fee, which is, in the event that they do not sign up for any packages. MB / Rs.5. The amount of pulse needed to charge is 512 KB.
  • If there are no more opportunities to sell, the average price of Rs. 2.0 per MB would be charged.
  • There is a Fair Usage Policy in place with a limit of 1 GB.
  • Click here for general terms and conditions

Jazz 1 Hour Internet Package Code (FAQs)

How can I get 1 GB on Jazz?

You will need to dial the *117*4 # subscription code in order to receive 1 GB of data for a period of 24 hours. You will be charged Rs. 30 for using it (incl. tax).

What is the code of the Jazz Super Ghanta offer?

The fantastic Ganta promo code *638# grants you access to 1024 MB of data for the following day.

How can I get free MB on Jazz?

You can obtain free MBs on a daily basis by using the Jazz World app. All you have to do to get your free megabytes is click on the “Daily prizes” button.

What is the Jazz Champion package?

For the first time since the jazz 1-day internet package was launched, “Jazz Champion” has been renamed “Jazz Champion.” Those who sign up for a prepaid subscription will receive this package. All local networks, as well as mobile internet and SMS, are included at reduced rates in this plan.

How can I activate Jazz for 3 days max?

As long as the buyer is only searching for 1GB of data, you can go with a three-day maximum deal. You may get the deal for just Rs. 35 by dialing *631#.


In this post, we will provide you with information regarding an internet promotion that is valid for the next one hour. Consequently, if you are looking for the greatest jazz offer code, then the Jazz One-Hour deal is the best choice for you to go with.

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