Jazz Whatsapp Package Monthly 70 Rupees 2022

Nowadays Jazz Whatsapp Package Monthly 70 Rupees is the most widely used messaging application in World. Pakistan has a great number of users who are using Whatsapp on various smartphones and the web as well. Jazz is giving Daily Whatsapp Packages, Jazz weekly Whatsapp packages, and Jazz monthly Whatsapp packages.

For the ease of these users, different cellular companies came up with various Whatsapp bundles to meet the requirements of users. Jazz Whatsapp packages are one of those bundles and Jazz customers are enjoying the offers. Mobilink Jazz / Warid Pakistan is providing daily weekly and monthly Whatsapp packages which are detailed below:

Jazz Whatsapp Package Monthly 70 Rupees

Mobilink Jazz has made WhatsApp packages available on a daily, weekly, 15-day, and monthly basis. These packages are created in accordance with the needs of the users. Jazz Monthly Whatsapp packages are available for customers that use Whatsapp 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you only use Whatsapp and do not require an SMS subscription, Jazz provides a solution for you in the form of Jazz Whatsapp and SMS Packages, which are available for purchase online. Now time to move on to WhatsApp packages. You can activate any package by dialing the code given with the package. Also, Check Jazz free minutes and free MB code 2022.

Jazz 70 Whatsapp packages

The monthly 70 rupee bundle is available for one month. Within this price range, you will get 2 GB of data or WhatsApp, including free access to the IMO app. Moreover, you will receive a reward of 2000 SMS, 200 Jazz minutes, and 20 other network minutes. To summarize, this package is suitable for voice and video calling.

  1. 20 Other Network Minutes
  2. 2000 SMS
  3. WhatsApp, IMO 2 GB Data 
  4. Price Rs, 70
  5. Code *614#
  6. Check Remaining Data *614*2 #

Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Package

Jazz also offered some great SMS Packages on a monthly basis at a very low price. With Jazz Monthly sms bundle you can enjoy 12000 SMS for a whole month for only 70 rupees and 5 GB Whatsapp data. This package is valid for 30 days. Here is a detail of the Warid / Jazz monthly SMS packages:-

  • Charges Rs. 75
  • Free Message 12000
  • Whatsapp Data 5000 MBs
  • Validity 30 Days
  • Sub. code *101*1*02#
  • Un-Sub code *101*4*02#
  • Check Remaining SMS *101*2*02#
  • Info. Check code *101*3*02# Jazz Whatsapp Package Monthly 70 Rupees 2022

Offer Details

Jazz WhatsApp’s main goal is to make communication easy for everyone who uses it. Among other things, it provides you access to limitless group conversations, GIFs, stickers, and more.

We’ve included all of the offer’s specifics in the box below, so you can see them for yourself. You can also check out the offer on the official website here before signing up.

Enjoy Monthly WhatsApp

For a wide range of reasons, including business, personal, and other interests, everyone is utilizing social media platforms to communicate information. WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows users to communicate with their contacts by sending text messages, photos, jazz youtube packages videos, and audio messages to them.

It is an excellent medium for communication, and you should subscribe to the monthly plan in order to share information and mess in a private and secure environment.

Terms & Conditions

  • The offer will expire automatically after 30 days.
  • The cost of the bundle can be changed at any time. For now, you get the offer for Rs. 70 only.
  • The taxes are not included in the offer price, and you need to pay Rs. 15.
  • You can also get the offer from Jazz World.
  • To check the remaining data, you can dial *614*2 #.
  • Check the “Jazz World App” to keep your MBs.

Jazz Whatsapp Package Monthly 70 Rupees (FAQ )

What is the Jazz WhatsApp package monthly code?

You get a total of 5GB of data for utilizing Whatsapp, IMO, and Facebook with a monthly Jazz bundle. It’s the most popular WhatsApp package for Jazz users. By dialing *661#, you may activate this bundle for just 110 rupees.

What is Jazz monthly WhatsApp package code 2021?

FAQs About WhatsApp Packages

If you want to subscribe jazz monthly WhatsApp package then just dial *101*1*02# and enjoy the whole month.

WhatsApp monthly package?

Jazz WhatsApp monthly package/bundle for Prepaid users gives you freedom of using WhatsApp freely for the whole month, even if you do not have internet data remaining.

How can I get Jazz WhatsApp monthly package?

7 GB DATA (Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO & BiP) 12000 SMS
  • A one-time fee of Rs.123 (Incl. Tax)
  • The Gwadar/Turbat Subscription Fee is Rs. 184.5. (Incl. Tax)
  • *661# is the subscription code.
  • 1 month’s worth of use.
  • Unsubscribe from the number *661*4# by dialing further information, enter the status code *661*2#*661*3# is the informational code for the bundle.


This is a really attractive offer for Whatsapp users. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; activate it on your SIM card immediately. Customers using prepaid SIM cards can take advantage of this offer, whether they are new or old subscribers.

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